Monday, July 10, 2006

Excess Policies and Ice Cream

Today was my first day as a Claims Analyst III at AIG. I spent the morning in a hot room with a bunch of disinterested new hires who struggled to stay awake during the obligatory corporate cheerleading coming from a peroxide blond with a southern accident. I am impressed with the possibility of advancement as well as the travel opportunities (more diving!) and the hours. (9-5, more diving!) I went over to my unit and was shown to my cubicle by my new supervisor. There were manuals to read and files to review. Who knew Califormia construction law could be so complex? I suppose the Califormia lawyers know. I ran into S. an ex-C&D attorney in the subsidized corporate cafeteria. The cafeteria sports a panoramic view of the East River including the Brooklyn Bridge. They have an ice cream machine and a pizza bar. All the lunches cost $5. S and I had lunch together and compared notes on why we left the firm. It was nice to see a familiar face. Tomorrow I actually start working so I'll reserve judgment until I figure out exactly what I'll be doing. It is nice to be sitting at home at 5:45pm; the extra hour over the course of a week makes you feel as if you actually have a life. Thank God.

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