Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dive Report

Key Largo update: I went on the Molasses reef dive yesterday. The seas were rough, as reported, but out of a boat of 18 people only three people got sick and everyone completed both dives. Highlights included seeing a couple of huge sting-rays and numerous barracuda and lobster. Several people caught sight of the dreaded Moray eel, but I must have missed him. The dives were long-almost an hour-because maximum depth was about 27 feet. They were good practice dives for my assault on the Spiegel Grove this morning, (picture at left) which lies at a depth ranging from 65 feet at the wheelhouse to 130’ at the sand. According to another boat captain there was no current to speak of yesterday, but seas were 5-8 feet. Today is going to be a long day as I have 2 dives on the Grove this morning followed by two reef dives this afternoon. Lots of nitrogen loading in my immediate future. A report will follow.

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