Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The Bodhisattva Manjushri is said to have the power of discriminating wisdom. He can discriminate between correct and incorrect views and between beneficial and non-beneficial actions that must be taken on one's spiritual path. He holds a sword that vanquishes ignorance. Manjushri's sword is also considered a sword of quick detachment and a symbol of enlightened will. It cuts through dualistic thinking.


Anonymous said...

is taking me off your link list, exiling be to cyberia as it were, your version of the enlightening slap across the students face from the zen-master? :(

Mark said...

Sorry Kev. I lost a few links in the transition to the new template and I've been re-adding them by hand. Yours must have slipped off. I'll get it back.

Anonymous said...

how'd you know it was me? haven't really had time to post anyting on it anyway - today was the first time in over a week i posted a few links. will give you a shout when i get my phone charged up