Friday, August 11, 2006

Working 9 to 5

The last hour of work on Friday afternoon has to be the longest 60 minute period of time known to man. It is impossible to engage your work in any meaningful way with the specter of the week-end perched on your shoulder like a drunken parrot. My big dilemma today is what to do after the whistle blows. In the scheme of things this is a relatively small problem when compared to the challenges facing the working poor and Joe Lieberman. I am sure I’ll come up with a creative and amusing way to spend Friday night; I always do. I went to the C&D party last night. It was good seeing all my former co-workers, but they all seemed a little too tightly wound. Maybe its me. After all the biggest decision I make all day is what to have for lunch. Life in the slow lane.

The Lieberman juggernaut has taken a page from the Dick Cheney playbook and is fear-mongering on the war. I suppose Joe’s best strategy is to try and peel off all the Republican votes from Schlesinger. Lieberman all but accused Lamont of treason yesterday. With the shampoo bandits freshly apprehended at Heathrow, Joltin Joe obviously thought it a good time to put a plug in for the White House’s war on terror. I don’t know why Lieberman gets under my skin so much; maybe because there are so many Americans that still hew to his center-right ideology and that fact I find intensely irritating. I find myself shouting at the television whenever I see his wrinkly face.

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