Thursday, July 13, 2006

Peace in the Middle East

3:15pm and still no sign of the IT department. I suppose if they want to pay me for surfing the internet its ok with me. I’m sure it will be busy enough before long. The situation in Israel and Lebanon appears to be spiraling out of control. Again. I was walking around at lunch thinking about how little I know about the history of that region and how that lack of knowledge is inexcusable considering that our future as a country is inexorably entwined with the middle east. In an effort to banish my ignorance I picked up a copy of Thomas Friedman’s book, From Beruit to Jerusalem which I’m looking forward to reading on the ferry on the way home while the rockets fall around Beruit.

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Chris Sheridan said...

Hi Mark,
Friedman might be a bit biased on this subject. You might want to check out this is a very good daily look at whats going on over there. Another great site I visit daily is