Friday, July 07, 2006

Last One to Leave Turn Out the Light

Today is my last day at C&D and I am appropriately hung over from the going away party last night. It was nice that Laura and Anna came out to bid adieu. I'll miss the people here, if not the work itself. Poor Becky had to carry my drunken ass home last night; suppose I should do something nice for her this week-end. I got scuba gear as a going away present; an excellent light as well as a nifty knife and the ever- important safety sausage, all nicely packaged in a mesh dive bag. Thank God one of my co-workers is a diver and knows what to get. A thousand thank-you's to all. None of the partners showed which I suppose is par for the course although that tradition should probably be changed to at least give the impression of an egalitarian work-place. My post of my misadventures on the Spiegel Grove has been getting a good response on the scuba board. The original can be found here. Well I'm not feeling particularly creative today so I'll just slink off to nurse my hangover.

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